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Environmental Data is Our Passion

Our water industry is literally drowning in data.

At DiscoverEI, we love turning mountains of data into practical, useful, decision-guiding information. Our small team of experts specialise in environmental intelligence technologies, data analytics and water resource modelling.

We work in your industry. We speak your language. We are your data champions!

Our Team

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Unleashing your data

We are passionate about using data analytics and visualisations to secure a more sustainable environment for tomorrow. We are a team of environmental engineers, data analysts and computer animators.

Our Partners

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Collaboration is key

Collaboration is the key to innovation and digital transformations. At DiscoverEI we partner with experts across the environmental, analytics and motion graphics industries to deliver only the best solutions for our clients.

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Meet Our Team


Alice Drummond | Environmental Analytics

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Environmental Analyst

B.Eng (Env), B.Com (Fin), MAS (SWR)

Alice is the Director of Environmental Analytics and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI. Her passion is finding clever ways to process, analyse and share environmental data.

Alice has 8 years’ experience working as an Environmental Engineer. Alice specialises in surface water and groundwater modelling, and has helped secure sustainable water resources across Australia and New Zealand. Alice has a deep understanding of how environmental data can be used to provide insights, drive efficiencies and really improve communication. As a Microsoft Associate in Business Intelligence, Alice applies the latest data analytics tools to the environmental industry to streamline data processing and build interactive dashboards. Alice gets a real buzz from empowering clients to build their own environmental analytics solutions.

Alice is proficient in a range of environmental modelling and data analytics software, including:

  • Environmental Modelling: water allocation modelling (eWater Source, REALM, SIMHYD, STEDI, PRIDE), groundwater modelling (MODFLOW-USG) and calibration software (PEST)

  • Data Analytics: spatial analysis (ArcGIS, QGIS), software development (Visual Basic Macros, R-Studio, Fortran), database development (MS Access, Power BI)

  • Microsoft Power Platform: Certified Associate of Business Intelligence Reporting (Power BI), Power BI Custom Visual Developer (Typescript), mobile application development (PowerApps), Business Automation (MS Flow)

Away from the computer, Alice loves getting back to nature. Whether it’s cycle touring across Europe, trail running through the Swiss Alps or hiking in New Zealand, if she’s outside - she’s happy!


Christian Borovac | Visual Solutions

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Visual Solutions

B.Eng (Env), B.Sc (Env-Geo), MAS (SWR)

Christian is the Director of Visual Solutions and Co-Founder of DiscoverEI. His passion is helping clients visualise the complex environmental problems that we are working to solve.

Christian has 9 years’ experience working as an Environmental Engineer. Christian specialises in contamination assessment and remediation, and has helped clean-up impacted sites across Australia and New Zealand. Through coordinating field programs and managing remediation projects, Christian understands the importance of collecting representative data and processing it efficiently. Christian knows how the simple act of combining schematics and visualisations can be a really powerful tool in helping bridge the communication gap.

Christian is proficient in a range of environmental data collection, processing and visualisation software, including:

  • Land Contamination and Remediation: data analysis (Esdat, gINT), conceptual site model development, environmental data collection systems

  • Visualisation: infographic and schematic design (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop), animation production (Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro), registered drone videographer (DJI technology)

  • Microsoft Power Platform: mobile application development (PowerApps), Automation (MS Flow), Business Intelligence Reporting (Power BI)

Outside of work, Christian loves his sport. Whether it’s watching his footy team the Freo Dockers, or competing in marathon and ironman events, he is passionate about his sport! You’ll get the picture once you check out his AFL Power BI Dashboard…


Meet Our Partners


Daniel Marsh-Patrick | Business Intelligence Specialist

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Business Intelligence Specialist

Daniel is founder of Coacervo, a data analytics consultancy specialising in Power BI based in Auckland, New Zealand. During his 16-year career across the UK and NZ, Daniel has been helping drive enterprise-wide solutions through process and software engineering; predominantly through business intelligence, software integration and data visualisation. He is extremely passionate about the Microsoft BI stack - specifically Power BI. He regularly presents and writes blogs on Power BI custom visualisation development and is a contributor of custom visuals to the Power BI marketplace.

Daniel aims to empower people with the knowledge and tools to make their workday easier by using software and/or common sense to eliminate the tedious bits. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he has gained with anyone that has the inspiration and desire to learn these skills for themselves and has founded Coacervo for this purpose.

Daniel is an expert in a wide range of data analytics and engineering fields, including:

  • Software Engineering: provides enterprise-wide software solutions through process and software engineering skills.

  • Business Intelligence: end-to-end Power BI model development, including architecture, database design, data modelling (M and DAX languages) and dashboard creation.

  • Power BI Custom Visuals: develops and publishes Power BI custom visuals on Microsoft AppSource (check out these links to Daniel’s Violin Plot and Small Multiples Line Chart).

Outside of work Daniel enjoys playing and listening to music, brewing craft beer, home improvement and spending time with his wife and two dogs.


Rinat Murtazin | Motion Designer and 3D Artist


Motion Designer and 3D Artist

Rinat is a motion designer and visual effects (VFX) artist that has over 10 years’ experience developing animations, motion graphics and schematics. He is passionate about design and believes that visual communication is an effective tool for knowledge sharing and education. He applies his skills within DiscoverEI, developing motion graphic templates, 3D block model schematics and explainer videos tailored to the environmental industry. Check out some of Rinat’s latest work in our project highlights video below!

Rinat is an expert across a wide range of creative software platforms, including:

  • Design principles: Advanced knowledge of creative concepts applied through illustration;

  • Schematics: Skilled working within the Adobe Creative Cloud platform (Photoshop, Illustrator) for 2D and 3D design; and

  • Motion graphics: Expert in using Adobe After Effects, Maya and Cinema 4D (C4D) for video development.

In his spare time outside of work, Rinat enjoys applying both his design and engineering skills to experimental rocketry, and is the founder of a community Rocket Club. He is also a talented guitar player, fisherman and enjoys getting out exploring nature on his bike.


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